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September 4, 2023
Leveraging a holistic blend of Eastern and Western techniques, we focus on areas such as self-leadership, self-accountability, and relational well-being.


March 21, 2018
Using the energy healing method of Reiki, your body will be able to use the energy of the universe to supplement and magnify the power in your body so it...

Adaptive Yoga

March 21, 2018
Adaptive yoga can provide relief for a multitude of physical and mental problems you may be experiencing. It is a calm, low-impact, relaxing experience that anyone can do.

Couples Therapy

March 21, 2018
Whether you are about to be married or just starting, we offer a systems-based approach to helping you and your significant other build a strong, happy, healthy relationship.

Individual Therapy

March 21, 2018
Whether it's anxiety, depression, PTSD, or needing someone to vent to, we are here to help. Using both traditional and non-traditional methods, we have several approaches and methods we can...