Author: Brian Matthews

I am an everyday leader, consistently self-evaluating and reshaping myself as I gain better self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and consistency. I count time in my head, and I strive on processes. I love anything to do with technology, Star Trek (especially The Next Generation), and I’ve recently begun collecting comics (at the age of 40!).

Autumn Embers: Rekindle the Passion This Fall

October 13, 2023
As the crisp October breeze begins to rustle the golden leaves, we’re reminded of the ever-changing seasons of our lives and, yes, our relationships, too. Isn’t it wonderful how nature...

4 Tips to Avoid Social Exhaustion

January 13, 2022
I consider myself an ambivert, equal parts introvert and extrovert. Though this may sound ideal, having the best of both worlds, I also experience the drawbacks of both. As the...

3 Proven Keys to Successfully Managing Diversity At Home

January 11, 2022
Managing diversity can be a challenge even for the most experienced leaders. Andrea Cook from Insperity compares managing diversity to hosting a lively dinner party. In her article, “Managing diversity in the...